101 Judo Ippons

101 Judo Ippons

4 Seasons

Our selection of the best, biggest, highest and most incredible Ippons from the IJF World Tour and World Judo Championships including all of our classic productions!

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101 Judo Ippons
  • 101: Osae komi - FRA v TKM -57kg

    Episode 1

    Sarah Harachi (FRA) rolls Nurajovov (TKM) with a technique made famous by the great Huizinga and finishes in the hold for Ippon in the 2018 Agadir Grand Prix.

  • 101: Sode guruma jime - ITA v YEM -73kg

    Episode 2

    Enrico Parlati (ITA) forces the submission against his Yemenese opponent in the 2018 Agadir Grand Prix.

  • 101: Okuri eri jime - ROU v MAR -60kg

    Episode 3

    In the first round of the 2018 Agadir Grand Prix, Issam Bassou (MAR) shows lightening quick transition from an Osoto gari into the strangle.

  • 101: Osae komi - POR V BEL -66KG

    Episode 4

    Sergiu Oleinic (POR) follows his opponent into newaza, changing the direction of his roll to secure the Osae komi and the win.

  • 101: Koshi guruma - ROU V FRA -48KG

    Episode 5

    Alexandra Pop of Romania produces a massive Koshi guruma whilst gripping to stun France's Vaugarny in their opening match in Ekaterinburg.

  • 101: Uchi mata - ARM V ITA -73KG

    Episode 6

    Armenian, Ferdinand Karapetian upsets Olympic Champion Fabio Basile (ITA) with a beautiful Uchi mata in the 73kg semi final of Ekaterinburg Grand Slam.

  • 101: Ko soto gari - RUS V RUS -66KG

    Episode 7

    It was an all Russian affair in the -66kg Bronze medal contest at the 2018 Ekaterinburg Grand Slam. Abdulzalilov triumphed with this huge Ko soto halfway through the fight.

  • 101: Ude gatame - JPN V GER -78KG

    Episode 8

    Takayama (JPN) controls Malzahn (GER) in transition and is rewarded with a fantastic Ude gatame to take the -78KG title in the Ekaterinburg Grand Slam 2018.

  • 101: Osoto gari - NED V GEO -81KG

    Episode 9

    Frank De Wit (NED) powers through to complete this huge Osoto gari on his Georgian opponent in round 2 of the 2018 Ekaterinburg Grand Slam.

  • 101: Seoi otoshi - GEO V ITA -81KG

    Episode 10

    Zebeda Rekhviashvili (GEO) stuns Antonio Esposito (ITA) with a lightning fast spinning Seoi otoshi and takes the Bronze medal in -81KG.

  • 101: Sode tsurikomi goshi - RUS V BRA -66KG

    Episode 11

    Tenacity is the key to success in this example of Sode tsurikomi goshi from Isa Isaev of Russia against Charles Chibana (BRA)

  • 101: Koshi jime - SRB V KAZ -48KG

    Episode 12

    Serbia's Milica Nikolic climbs straight on top of her Kazakh opponent to secure a tight Koshi jime.

  • 101: Osoto gaeshi - IRI V ITA -66KG

    Episode 13

    A great readjustment of balance sees Khojasteh (IRI) counter Piras' (ITA) Osoto gari with the same technique.

  • 101: Ippon seoi nage - SUI V BRA -70KG

    Episode 14

    Bruna Silva (BRA) pulls off a great standing Ippon seoi nage in her second round fight in the 2018 Tbilisi Grand Slam.

  • 101: O goshi - RUS V GEO -81KG

    Episode 15

    Kirakozashvili of Georgia produces this stunning O goshi to delight the crowd at his home Grand Prix in Tbilisi.

  • 101: Drop seoi nage - KOR V MNE -73KG

    Episode 16

    An Changrim of Korea takes advantage of his opponents forward momentum to drop cleanly underneath for a beautiful Seoi nage.

  • 101: Sasae tsurikomi ashi - KOS V KGZ -73KG

    Episode 17

    Akil Gjakova (KOS) pulls off a mixture of Sasae tsurikomi ashi and Hiza guruma with huge amounts of rotation for this massive Ippon.

  • 101: Juji gatame - TKM V USA -52KG

    Episode 18

    Babamuratova (TKM) shows great endeavour and demonstrates lightning fast transition with an unusual entry into Juji gatame.

  • 101: Ouchi gari - BRA V AZE -81KG

    Episode 19

    A fine example of changing the direction and driving to score with Ouchi from Mehdiyev (AZE).

  • 101: Osoto gari - RUS V GER -73kg

    Episode 20

    Zingg (AUS) fully commits and throws Mogushkov (Rus) for a beautiful Osoto gari to win Bronze in the Hohhot Grand Prix 2018.

  • 101: Ura nage - CHN v ISR -57kg

    Episode 21

    Zhang (CHN) punishes Nelson Levy (ISR) for a poor attack with a huge Ura nage in the Hohhot Grand Prix 2018.

  • 101: Uchi mata - UZB v TPE -66Kg

    Episode 22

    Uzbekistan's Akhadov puts Huang (TPE) onto the points of his shoulders with a superb Uchi mata in the Hohhot Grand Prix 2018.

  • 101: Tai otoshi - POR v SWE -81kg

    Episode 23

    Pacek (SWE) gets caught for a rapid Tai otoshi from Egutidze of Spain in the Hohhot Grand Prix 2018.

  • 101: Juji gatame - JPN v KOR -81kg

    Episode 24

    What a Juji gatami! - The Japanese fighter Sasaki takes Lee of Korea by surprise with an opportunistic arm lock in the Hohhot Grand Prix 2018.