Analysis & Tactics with Neil Adams

Analysis & Tactics with Neil Adams

4 Seasons

When it comes down to the ins and outs of a fight, what is the crucial factor that wins someone a gold medal at a Grand Prix, at a Grand Slam, at a World Championships?

I look forward to you joining me on the mat.

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Analysis & Tactics with Neil Adams
  • Garcia Mesa's Uchimata | Neil Adams

    Episode 1

    A fantastic example from the 2018 Tunis Grand Prix of how to catch an opponent after a poor technique - Garcia Mesa executes a great Uchi mata catching her opponent for an unexpected Ippon.

  • Shavdatuashvili's grip | Neil Adams

    Episode 2

    Neil Analyses the great gripping which puts Shavdatuashvili in the driving seat in his Semi Final in the 2018 Paris Grand Slam.

  • Bilodid's Ouchi gari | Neil Adams

    Episode 3

    Rising star Daria Bilodid (UKR) stuns reigning World champion Tonaki Funa of Japan with strong gripping and an explosive Ouchi gari to progress into the 2018 Paris Grand Slam Final.

  • Margelidon's Seoi nage | Neil Adams

    Episode 4

    Canada's Arthur Margelidon produces an unorthodox Seoi nage, fully lifting his opponent and throwing off the opposite shoulder - 2018 Paris Grand Slam.

  • Konkina's ride and roll | Neil Adams

    Episode 5

    Anastasiia Konkina (RUS) capitalises on a half-hearted Ouchi gari attempt from France's Sarah Harachi. 2018 Dusseldorf Grand Prix.

  • Trbovc's Te waza | Neil Adams

    Episode 6

    Matjaz Trbovc (SLO) combines ashi waza with some great te waza to combat the high grip from his opponent and end the contest. 2018 Dusseldorf Grand Prix.

  • Karapetian's Sode guruma jime | Neil Adams

    Episode 7

    Armenia's Ferdinand Karapetian shows some slick transition to catch Denis Iartcev (RUS) with Sode guruma jime. 2018 Dusseldorf Grand Prix.

  • Awiti Alcaraz's Osoto gari | Neil Adams

    Episode 8

    Prisca Awiti Alcaraz (MEX) produces a huge Osoto gari despite having both sleeves pinned by USA's Alisha Galles. 2018 Dusseldorf Grand Prix

  • Frey's Tai otoshi | Neil Adams

    Episode 9

    Johannes Frey (GER) uses speed to his advantage to catch out his opponent in his new weight category of +100KG. 2018 Dusseldorf Grand Prix 2018.

  • Fonseca's Osoto counter | Neil Adams

    Episode 10

    Jorge Fonseca (POR) makes Toma Nikiforov (BEL) pay for over reaching with Osoto gari with a massive counter. 2018 Dusseldorf Grand Prix 2018.

  • Oleinic's unorthodox roll | Neil Adams

    Episode 11

    Neil takes a look at an unusual roll in ne waza from Sergiu Oleinic (POR). Complete control means no way out for his opponent. 2018 Agadir Grand Prix.

  • Sasaki's Uchi mata | Neil Adams

    Episode 12

    Sasaki of Japan manages to maintain his balance after a big attack from Mollaei (IRI), readjusting to switch the direction and using the momentum to score Ippon.

  • Mudranov’s Sasae tsurikomi ashi | Neil Adams

    Episode 13

    The Olympic champion Beslan Mudranov (RUS) takes advantage of the forward movement of Issam Bassou (MAR) to progress in the -60kg repechage of the Ekaterinburg Grand Slam 2018.

  • Rekhviashvili’s spinning Tai otoshi | Neil Adams

    Episode 14

    Zebeda Rekhviashvili (GEO) uses a super fast grip switch to provide an opportunity to spin over Antonio Esposito (ITA) for a superb Ippon to win him the -81kg Bronze medal in the Ekaterinburg Grand Slam 2018.

  • Kireeva’s Juji gatame | Neil Adams

    Episode 15

    Kireeva (RUS), from a dangerous position on her back, achieves the Juji gatame against Tanaka (JPN) in the Semi final of the Ekaterinburg Grand Slam 2018

  • Mollaei’s reverse Kata guruma | Neil Adams

    Episode 16

    In the quarter finals of the Ekaterinburg Grand Slam 2018 Mollaei (IRI) catches both sleeves and takes Kabachirov (RUS) over for a reverse Kata guruma.

  • Abes Unusual hold down | Neil Adams

    Episode 17

    Neil Adams analyses Abe's unusual hold down - from the Baku World Championships 2018.

  • Nagayama's one handed Uchi mata | Neil Adams

    Episode 18

    Neil Adams analyses Nagayama's one handed Uchi mata - from the Baku World Championships 2018.

  • Gjakova's Kosoto gake | Neil Adams

    Episode 19

    Neil Adams analyses how Gjakova (KOS) scores ippon with a variation of Kosoto gake (Left versus Right) - action reaction - demonstrated in the 2018 World Judo Championships - and in our Dojo by Neil Adams and our Uke, Prisca Awiti-Alcaraz!

  • Saraiva's Newaza | Neil Adams

    Episode 20

    Neil Adams demonstrates how the Portuguese judoka Nuno Saraiva got the better of the confident Italian Fabio Basile in Newaza, finishing Basile's 2018 World Judo Championships.