Watch this video and more on Superstar Judo

Watch this video and more on Superstar Judo

Bilodid's Ouchi gari | Neil Adams

Analysis & Tactics with Neil Adams, Season 1, Episode 3 – 1m 50s

Up Next in 2018

  • Margelidon's Seoi nage | Neil Adams

    Canada's Arthur Margelidon produces an unorthodox Seoi nage, fully lifting his opponent and throwing off the opposite shoulder - 2018 Paris Grand Slam.

  • Konkina's ride and roll | Neil Adams

    Anastasiia Konkina (RUS) capitalises on a half-hearted Ouchi gari attempt from France's Sarah Harachi. 2018 Dusseldorf Grand Prix.

  • Trbovc's Te waza | Neil Adams

    Matjaz Trbovc (SLO) combines ashi waza with some great te waza to combat the high grip from his opponent and end the contest. 2018 Dusseldorf Grand Prix.

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