Euan Burton

Euan Burton

4 Seasons

Starting judo as a quiet, shy, six year old in the small Scottish town where my gran and granddad lived I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would be on a worldwide coaching site sharing my hints and tips on how to become a successful judoka.

I wasn't enormously talented, or confident, or strong. What I did have was a passion for the sport and an unquenchable drive to improve. And I suppose that combination can take you a long way, even if it did take a long time!

I will be giving you a unique insight into what it took for me to go from that shy, retiring six year old, through to a pretty unexceptional teenage judoka, to someone who stood on the top of international rostrums, defeating world and Olympic champions on the way to Grand Slam gold.

I will break down the gripping, preparation, attack system and newaza that I built my judo around and show you how, by taking care of the basics, you can take your competitive judo to the next level.

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Euan Burton
  • Twitch to get a reaction | Euan Burton

    Episode 1

    This forward twitch is done when Burton has a strong sleeve and lapel grip and his opponent is in a defensive posture. To break their posture he twitches forward.

  • Fast feet to get a reaction | Euan Burton

    Episode 2

    Burton likes to get a reaction from his opponent by using a fast piece of footwork. This gives him the opening to throw.

  • Bouncing to get a reaction | Euan Burton

    Episode 3

    One of Burton’s most effective ways to get a reaction from an opponent is to bounce his weight up and down when gripped up.

  • Right v left twitch | Euan Burton

    Episode 4

    When fighting against a left handed opponent, Burton – a right hander, has a good twitch to get their left leg back, so that he can throw with his Uchi mata.

  • Controlling the distance | Euan Burton

    Episode 5

    A big part of Euan Burton’s game was strong and offensive gripping. Burton, a right hander, shows how he likes to control the distance when fighting a left handed opponent.

  • Breaking the lapel grip

    Episode 6

    Burton shows his strongest grip break against right handed opponents who like to take his lapel

  • Catching the sleeve | Euan Burton

    Episode 7

    In a right versus right situation one of Burton’s key objectives is to dominate his opponent’s right hand. Here Burton shows how he prevents his opponent from getting their lapel grip

  • Blocking the arm coming over | Euan Burton

    Episode 8

    Here Burton shows his strong and aggressive response if an opponent tries to throw their arm over the top

  • Lapel and arm over the top grip | Euan Burton

    Episode 9

    Burton shows one of the ways he likes to control his opponent’s head

  • Dealing with high arm | Euan Burton

    Episode 10

    Burton shows one of the ways he neutralises a strong right handed fighter.

  • Cross grip and arm over the top | Euan Burton

    Episode 11

    Here Burton’s shows a very unorthodox grip from which many of his throws came